The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved (5-0-0) to revise the Fire Station Bond Article in the amount of $3,750,000. This number includes construction of a new four-bay, 11,000 square-foot fire station, site work and soft costs. On Saturday February 3rd this new lower price was presented to voters at the Town Deliberative Session.

After a presentation and discussion the fire station article was approved by the voters in attendance, at the revised price of $3,750,000. The Litchfield Budget Committee met following the Deliberative Session and re-voted on the new reduced price. They unanimously support the article (5-0-0).

According to our assessing records, the median price of a Litchfield home is about $300,000. Based on this, the tax impact of the first-year bond payment is about $90 dollars per year or $0.25 per day.

The Selectmen decided to bond the project for 20 years (level debt). The estimated tax impact in the first year is $0.30/$1,000 and $0.29/$1,000 for the remaining 19 years based on an estimated 3.25% interest rate. The first payment in 2019 is estimated at $267,369.79 and future payments range from $255k to $260k per year. If the bond article is approved, the Board of Selectmen plan to discontinue the annual $200k road improvement article. The elimination of the annual $200k road improvement article will assist the Budget Committee in meeting the $175k tax cap because the net difference between the new bond payment and elimination of road improvement article is about $67,369.79.

Following the public Bond Hearing and Budget Committee Meetings held on January 11, 2018, members of the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee, worked with the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Town Administrator, and representatives of the Town’s construction management and architectural firms to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of the project without sacrificing critical aspects of the facility.

The revised total project cost reflects a smaller station than originally proposed. The size of the station was reduced from 13,100sf to 11,000sf by removing one (1) truck bay, slight reductions in the length of the apparatus bays, and deleting three (3) offices and circulation space. See the revised Floor Plan for more information.

The following are additional cost savings measures adopted to further reduce the project cost:

  • Replaced folding apparatus bay doors with overhead doors
  • Reduced sitework at the back of the station, see revised Site Plan for more information
  • Simplified building HVAC and Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Reductions
  • Structural modifications to the apparatus bays
  • Cosmetic/Architectural Reductions
  • Deleted radiant heated concrete apron
  • Revised floor plan to incorporate additional space needed for gear storage
  • Deleted overhead doors at back of station (will provide framed openings for future)
  • Deleted pipe bollards at apparatus doors
  • Deleted damp proofing on foundation walls (no basement)
  • Deleted station sign on Albuquerque Ave (signage will be on the building)
  • Deleted PVC at the interior of the apparatus bays
  • Reduced soft costs
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