Proposed Litchfield Fire Station

The design for the proposed Litchfield Fire Station is intended to provide the Litchfield Fire Department with a space that can serve them and the town residents for decades to come. Originally conceived in 2004, the new facility will adhere to modern building code and provide solutions to the space, efficiency and quality issues occurring at the existing station.

The current plans are a reflection of the Town’s desire to reduce overall project costs. After meeting multiple times with the architect and construction manager, we were able to reduce the overall project cost from $5,469,000 to $3,75,000. The current plans and project cost estimate are supported unanimously by the Litchfield Board of Selectmen.

Below are the updated site plan, elevations and floor plan for the proposed Litchfield Fire Station. We have included the old plans at the bottom of the page as well to allow for comparisons to the new plans.

Revised Site Plan

The site of the proposed fire station is centrally located in Litchfield, which will result in faster average response times. Located on Liberty Way adjacent to the Litchfield Town Hall, fire trucks and other apparatus will exit the station and access Albuquerque Avenue, a central artery in Litchfield. By not clearing the area behind the proposed new station, our team was able to reduce overall site costs.

Litchfield Updated Site Plan


Revised Four-Bay Station Elevations

Revised Four-Bay Station Floor Plan

The new fire station would feature four truck bays, with each bay being able to accommodate two vehicles, with enough room for two trailers. A secure entry space, separate from the truck bays, welcomes visitors to the new fire station. The revised design includes provisions for access to a future addition.

Litchfield Fire Station Floor Plan


Former Site Plan               Former Elevations           Former Floor Plan

Warrenstreet-ElevationsLitchfield Fire Station Floor Plan