Current Deficiencies

The existing Litchfield Fire Station has been in use for nearly 60 years and is showing many signs of its age. This page highlights the current deficiencies as noted in the Litchfield Fire Station Feasibility Study by Warrenstreet Architects dated July 15, 2016.

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Summary of Deficiencies from 2016 Feasibility Report:

  • Small overhead doors barely allow trucks access
  • New trucks will need to be special ordered to accommodate for short doors
  • Lack of bays force some equipment to stay outside
  • No second means of egress from first floor garage
  • No second means of egress from second floor
  • Presence of vermiculite, which often contains asbestos
  • Severely deficient in life safety and current building codes
  • Nearly impossible to accomplish code upgrades in a retrofit of an existing structure, such as this fire house
  • Additional fire alarm devices and exit signs that should be installed are lacking
  • Multiple building code violations including interior stair rise/run, lack of egress points and fire separation inefficiencies
  • Lack of parking storage
  • Shared access with adjacent church and Town Hall results in increased traffic to the site
  • Structural issues compromise the building’s overall integrity and lifespan